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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and electric bug sweeps enable you to enjoy the privacy you rightly deserve. The fantastic TSCM team at CSCT Global offers the top bug-sweeping services in Ft. Lauderdale. We can thoroughly search any area and uncover any and all eavesdropping equipment with ease. This includes both cameras and microphones. Our TSCM services ensure your personal, proprietary, and trade secrets remain safe.

People often believe they have a space in which they can discuss important matters “in private,” but in reality, there is nowhere that is completely safe from eavesdropping. Computers, cellphones, existing wiring, landlines, audio bugs, and covert videos can all be used to spy. Whether you are in your vehicle, home, hotel room, office, or anywhere else, there is a chance you are being listened to and watched.

With modern advancements in eavesdropping technology, it’s important to find a company that uses the most advanced TSCM equipment and has a high level of understanding of how to properly use the equipment to uncover spy devices. For the best bug sweep detection services in Ft. Lauderdale, you should hire CSCT Global.

Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team use the best equipment available, and we are able to find weaknesses in your communications, as well as security breaches. After we’ve swept your office, home, vehicle, and anywhere else someone may be listening, you can enjoy your privacy again without concern.


There are a few different reasons why someone may be eavesdropping. These often include obsession, money, and revenge. Electronic bug sweeps are often conducted for the reasons below:

    • Finding strange devices in your home or business


    • Private information inexplicably being leaked


    • Suspicion that your private conversations are being intercepted


    • Hearing background noise on personal phone calls


    • Suspicion of listening devices in your home or business



How Ft. Lauderdale TSCM Electric Bug Sweeps Work

Our agency moves quickly to detect any electric bugs within your space.

Professionalism and Honesty:

We listen to your needs and concerns, and quickly and efficiently plan our bug sweep around those concerns. We also only accept cases where we are confident we can provide the complete service you desire.

In-Depth Search Using Advanced Equipment:

Our elite TSCM team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to search your area for any hidden cameras and microphones even if they are deactivated or broken, our team will still find them.

Custom Approach:

Each client is treated as our only client. We make it our mission to operate as your private investigation agency providing unparalleled intelligence services. The CSCT Global team adheres to the highest moral, professional, and ethical standards.

Detailed Report:

We communicate any and all summaries of our findings and also provide you with a detailed report of any eavesdropping findings or activity we suspect.


When emergency situations come up, we're available to work around your schedule in order to detect any privacy and security breach.

Regardless of the method or the reason, high tech surveillance, hacking, electronic eavesdropping can only be identified and stopped through sophisticated Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures.


Put a stop to eavesdropping today.


TSCM Electronic Bug Detection

Our expert team can conduct electronic bug searches in the following areas:

  • Business Inspections
  • Office Buildings
  • Individual Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Board & Conference Rooms
  • Trading Floors
  • Executive Suites
  • Corporate Apartments
  • Residential Homes
  • Business Meetings
  • Hotel & Resort Conference Areas

Why Choose CSCT Global

Detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices so that you can confidently conduct business and maintain your privacy.


Technical Investigation Certifications

CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician Certification, and CFI-FTER Certified Forensic Interviewer (Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery).


Government- Grade Equipment

State-of-the-art, government-grade equipment is used along with proprietary technology, tactics, and software to protect your privacy and communications.


Trusted Internationally

We work with clients from around the world to protect their proprietary information and ensure privacy.


Professionally Trained

Our technicians train alongside U.S. agencies including Homeland Security, US Marshalls, CIA, and FBI Agents.


The equipment CSCT Global uses is state-of-the-art, top-quality, and government-grade. We also leverage industry-specific software, proprietary tech, and specialized tactics to provide a comprehensive technical threat assessment, intelligence, and incident response. Combined, this protects your privacy, data, and communications.

The TSCM team members at CSCT Global use the same equipment and have the same certification as many U.S. Government agents (such as members of Homeland Security and the FBI). Our team’s advanced level of skill, expertise, training, and experience in hidden microphone and camera detection and removal allows us to find any eavesdropping equipment and remove it.


CSCT Global consists of top counter-surveillance specialists in the field. Our outstanding techs are amazing at their craft. We are dedicated to providing our clients not only with top-quality TSCM services, but also outstanding customer service.

With a combination of advanced investigative, legal, and technical expertise, our team is able to plan, execute, and complete every assignment with the highest level of skill and accuracy. Our team members are also knowledgeable about the laws surrounding our industry and provide ethical and legal services.

CSCT Global is a division of Southern Recon Agency. Our nationally-recognized firm is one of the few firms that offer a combination of a dedicated cyber investigation and counter surveillance team and advanced United States government-level training and equipment.

Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team only accept cyber investigation and counter-surveillance cases. This allows our team to only work on projects in their area of expertise.

It is our mission to provide high-quality private investigation and intelligence services, while also adhering to the highest professional, ethical, and moral standards. We only accept cases we are confident we can complete.


The cost of electronic bug sweeps in Ft. Lauderdale depends on the specific space being swept and the square footage. If you would like to learn more about pricing, please Contact Us.

There are many businesses and entities at risk of electric bug placement. If there is a scenario in which something can be gained from eavesdropping, there is the possibility of bug placement. Some of the people and entities at risk when it comes to illegal surveillance include those that have or are:

  • Party to a lawsuit
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Trade secrets
  • A Victim of identity theft
  • Access to valuable information
  • Terminated an employee
  • Involved in politics or religion
  • Involved in a divorce
  • A Dispute with a neighbor
  • A Victim of stalking
  • A Failed business deal
  • A Celebrity or model

If you are looking to hire a company to uncover hidden cameras for you, you’ll want to choose a company that employs top professionals that have a lot of experience. The counter-surveillance team at CSCT Global consists of top experts that have years of experience with finding hidden microphones and cameras. We use a combination of technical, legal, and investigative expertise to complete all of our assignments expertly.

If you believe there is a hidden camera in your room, start by turning off the lights. Then, search the room for any lights in strange places. You may or may not be able to find any or all of the cameras, though. Hidden cameras can be very difficult to find without training. The TSCM team at CSCT Global is well-trained and can find any hidden microphones or cameras.

It can be very hard to uncover a listening device on your own. Instead, you’ll want to hire a company that has the right equipment and knowledge to properly uncover the device for you.

During your Ft. Lauderdale bug sweep, the TSCM team at CSCT Global will use specialized equipment to uncover video and listening devices and equipment within your business, home, office, vehicle, or any other spaces.

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