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Social Media Investigators

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Investigators can be deployed in various circumstances to swiftly find the truth and provide critical support. Uncover hidden details, disprove alibis, change the tide of a case, and more with social media investigations. Our private investigators quickly gather vital information from social media posts, pictures, comments, conversations, and other digital evidence forms to find the truth in any situation.

In a world where little is left off social media, it's often the ideal place to find all the necessary information to proceed with claims, support a custody battle, or prove someone's character. Contact CSCT and schedule a consultation with an expert social media investigator.

Why Do I Need A Social Media Investigation?

Anyone can initiate a social media investigation, but it's often advantageous to hire a private investigator specializing in social media investigations to achieve the best results. State-of-the-art equipment and programs help our investigators quickly and efficiently scan social media platforms. Private investigators also deeply understand the law and what is accepted as proof in court, allowing them to provide court-admissible evidence. Self-investigations often lead to inadmissible evidence and even the loss of a case, so it's wise to seek professional counsel if a social media investigation is required.

  • Support Legal & Civil Claims

Internet data is often utilized to prove or disprove claims, changing the outcome of civil and legal deliberations. In many cases, court-admissible reports reveal the truth behind claims, altering the defendant or claimant's position.


  • Risk Assessment & Prevention

Criminals often voice their intentions on social media platforms before the act, especially when it's a long-thought subject. A deep social media analysis can reveal malicious communications to stop criminal actions.


  • Worker's Comp & Insurance fraud

Anything posted can and will be held against you in a digital age, including fraudulent insurance claims. Companies and insurance agencies can deploy social media investigations to spotlight inaccurate injury or illness claims.


  • Custody cases & Divorces

Social media investigations can be a powerful tool for spouses and exes struggling to prove misconduct. These investigations can supplement evidence to critically change deliberations.

  • Support Alibis

Among the many convicting purposes for a social media investigation, they can also support alibis during criminal trials. Investigators can use online content to build court-admissible evidence of your innocence or disprove an alibi.


  • Ethics Checks

If something seems off about an employee, spouse, or loved one, social media investigations can often reveal the cause. Experts provide a detailed report of online misdoings if there are any present.


  • Background Checks & Screening

Most candidates say much more on social media than they ever would during an interview. Analyzing social media sites can provide valuable insights into a person's true ethics and values.



How TSCM Electric Bug Sweeps Work

Our agency moves quickly to detect any electric bugs within your space.

Professionalism and Honesty:

We listen to your needs and concerns, and quickly and efficiently plan our bug sweep around those concerns. We also only accept cases where we are confident we can provide the complete service you desire.

In-Depth Search Using Advanced Equipment:

Our elite TSCM team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to search your area for any hidden cameras and microphones even if they are deactivated or broken, our team will still find them.

Custom Approach:

Each client is treated as our only client. We make it our mission to operate as your private investigation agency providing unparalleled intelligence services. The CSCT Global team adheres to the highest moral, professional, and ethical standards.

Detailed Report:

We communicate any and all summaries of our findings and also provide you with a detailed report of any eavesdropping findings or activity we suspect.


When emergency situations come up, we're available to work around your schedule in order to detect any privacy and security breach.

Regardless of the method or the reason, high tech surveillance, hacking, electronic eavesdropping can only be identified and stopped through sophisticated Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures.


Put a stop to eavesdropping today.


Gathering Social Media & Online Evidence


Even with advanced programs and technology, gathering evidence through social media accounts is often complex and time-consuming. Experts perform an efficient search across all social media sites to serve various purposes, including character assessments, background investigations, custody case determinations, and professional risk assessment. Social media evidence has contributed to court trials, saved companies from devastating losses, and settled family disputes.

Our experts have diverse expertise that allows us to collect physical and digital evidence in pursuit of the truth. CSCT has helped corporate and private clientele create stronger cases, make better decisions, and reveal otherwise hidden truths.

Why Choose CSCT Global

Detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices so that you can confidently conduct business and maintain your privacy.


Technical Investigation Certifications

CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician Certification, and CFI-FTER Certified Forensic Interviewer (Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery).


Government- Grade Equipment

State-of-the-art, government-grade equipment is used along with proprietary technology, tactics, and software to protect your privacy and communications.


Trusted Internationally

We work with clients from around the world to protect their proprietary information and ensure privacy.


Professionally Trained

Our technicians train alongside U.S. agencies including Homeland Security, US Marshalls, CIA, and FBI Agents.

The Truth Is Typically On Social Media Sites

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites can be one of the most invaluable resources investigators have to complete a full background investigation, change the outcome of court cases, or determine family matters. The information provided by posts and online interactions can say more about a person than a background check, so it's imperative to analyze social media accounts in many situations.

Social Media Investigations By Industry Experts

A court case, civil case, or even a big hiring decision is too important to risk, which is why we recommend a social media investigation. Online investigations can often detail someone's character, actions, and intentions more accurately than any other resource.

An Internet Investigation Can Change Everything

Social media investigations can have incredible effects, whether you are changing the tide of a custody hearing, finding unknown conduct or poor ethics, or altering the outcome of a criminal trial. If there’s a truth to uncover, CSCT will deliver it in a detailed, court-admissible format. Our experts search every corner of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social sites to perform a thorough, efficient investigation.

Social media investigations vary in price based on the scope of work necessary to resolve the case. This can vary drastically between background checks, evidence collection, and character analyses. While having a professional perform your social media investigation can be expensive, the result will be court-admissible records and precise documentation of all data. Contact social media investigators in your area to determine the best course of action and pricing for your case.

A private investigator cannot illegally gain access to social media accounts, but they can often use advanced programs and software to collect vital information. They may use social media investigation techniques to find information that is not publicly available. This includes using search engines, social media platforms, and other online resources to perform thorough social media investigations. While private investigators are required to operate within Federal and local laws, their programs and resources provide extensive access to online information.

There are numerous methods used to investigate social media accounts. A private investigator can hack into a social media account to derive critical, admissible evidence and support various claims based on the situation. They may use social media investigation techniques to find information that is not publicly available, revealing far more than most individuals anticipate. Advanced computer programs and data collection methods give investigators an unequivocal ability to find any truth present online. This includes using search engines, looking for images, and tracking user activity. Using these techniques, you can often better understand what people are saying about you online and identify potential security threats.

During investigations, various tools and investigation methods are used to analyze social media accounts. Professional teams often use proprietary programs, systems, and years of expertise to decipher the clues held by the internet, scanning posts, history, conversations, and other data to create the most robust report possible. Due to the massive compilations of data on these sites, it takes advanced programs to efficiently manage the information. Many people live on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, so it's no surprise that the answer to a mystery often resides on social media. When paired with the extensive knowledge and expertise of CSCT's team, these tools and programs are capable of handling any social media investigation.

In today’s age, digital evidence is used in a substantial percentage of trials. Many think of their social media accounts as a safe place to say and do what they please, but that is rarely the case in 2023. Everything said, posted, or searched can be used as evidence if the situation arises, and many individuals forget what happened online. When collected by a digital forensics expert, social media evidence is viable in civil and legal cases, providing valuable insights into a situation. Posts, search records, and even conversations from an individual's account can be held against them in court so long as the evidence is obtained ethically. Working with a private investigator that is equipped to report findings as court-admissible evidence is imperative to an investigation because the information could be disregarded otherwise.

Social media investigations often reveal hidden truths, supporting various civil, legal, and personal disputes that may go unresolved otherwise. A client may initiate social media investigations to find links between two people, collect evidence of misconduct, or prove/disprove alibis, making these investigations critical in many situations. A social media investigation can alter the course of events, including custody hearings, insurance fraud claims, and even criminal trials, showing the weight of online activity. Everything is traceable through online networks, and it's our job to use that information in pursuit of justice. CSCT works with clients to perform social media investigations in various applications, so if you need help finding and proving the truth, schedule a consultation with our experts to see how we can assist.

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