Financial fraud investigators

Financial fraud investigators

Keep your information and data secure.

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Banks and financial institutions have gone to great lengths to protect consumers from fraud and data leaks, but it has only forced cybercriminals to evolve. Financial institutions will always be a target for criminal activity, but CSCT's forensic accounting and cybercrime experts can mitigate the threat and protect against future financial crimes.

World-Class Financial Fraud Investigations

Our fraud investigators provide unequivocal knowledge and expertise to efficiently support fraud or misconduct investigations. When law enforcement agencies cannot help with your financial fraud investigation, CSCT is the ideal agency to partner with. Speak with a certified fraud examiner and see how CSCT can mitigate your fraud threats and prevent further damage.

Financial Fraud Investigations

CSCT's extensive expertise and government-grade equipment allow us to expediently handle any financial fraud investigation. Our wide range of bank fraud experience helps our investigators analyze digital evidence accurately across various systems to reveal the truth. The bank fraud investigation process yields court-admissible documentation to enable further action. Cybercrimes rarely go unresolved with assistance from CSCT's certified forensic accounting experts tracing every move.

Fraud Claims & Recovery

In many cases, fraud victims receive little-to-no resolution or compensation unless solidified proof is obtained to support claims. Our fraud investigations experts collect indisputable digital forensics and coordinate with respective parties to help clients recover funds relating to their fraud claims.

Financial Fraud Protection

After a detailed fraud analysis by CSCT's forensic accountants, our professionals mitigate current risks and implement safeties to prevent future fraud attempts. Securing digital networks, instilling improved protocols, and working with clients on safer operations allows them to safeguard their finances and information.


CSCT Knows Financial Fraud Investigations

It takes a trained eye to examine electronic fraud with accuracy, regardless of the scale it's on. While banking regulations have improved, institutions have only seen more complex suspicious activity. Our team is composed of industry experts specializing in digital forensics, penetration testing, and security analysis, offering expertise for every situation. Schedule a consultation with our fraud investigation experts to mitigate cyber threats efficiently.


How TSCM Electric Bug Sweeps Work

Our agency moves quickly to detect any electric bugs within your space.

Professionalism and Honesty:

We listen to your needs and concerns, and quickly and efficiently plan our bug sweep around those concerns. We also only accept cases where we are confident we can provide the complete service you desire.

In-Depth Search Using Advanced Equipment:

Our elite TSCM team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to search your area for any hidden cameras and microphones even if they are deactivated or broken, our team will still find them.

Custom Approach:

Each client is treated as our only client. We make it our mission to operate as your private investigation agency providing unparalleled intelligence services. The CSCT Global team adheres to the highest moral, professional, and ethical standards.

Detailed Report:

We communicate any and all summaries of our findings and also provide you with a detailed report of any eavesdropping findings or activity we suspect.


When emergency situations come up, we're available to work around your schedule in order to detect any privacy and security breach.

Regardless of the method or the reason, high tech surveillance, hacking, electronic eavesdropping can only be identified and stopped through sophisticated Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures.


Put a stop to eavesdropping today.


Identity Theft

Identity theft has left individuals with nothing, ruined credit, and even led to false imprisonment. While your situation may not escalate to that extent, bank fraud can quickly siphon your accounts. Our experts provide meticulous incident response and mitigation, often recovering funds, clearing financial disputes, and normalizing accounts in the process.

Why Choose CSCT Global

Detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices so that you can confidently conduct business and maintain your privacy.


Technical Investigation Certifications

CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician Certification, and CFI-FTER Certified Forensic Interviewer (Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery).


Government- Grade Equipment

State-of-the-art, government-grade equipment is used along with proprietary technology, tactics, and software to protect your privacy and communications.


Trusted Internationally

We work with clients from around the world to protect their proprietary information and ensure privacy.


Professionally Trained

Our technicians train alongside U.S. agencies including Homeland Security, US Marshalls, CIA, and FBI Agents.

Cybercrime Investigations For Financial institutions & Banks

Escalating rates of financial fraud, money laundering, and other cybercrimes relating to banking and financial institutions have caused major concern. These schemes cost the institution and consumers, who expert their finances to be safeguarded.

A bank fraud investigation by CSCT will unveil any hidden information and accurately account for each transaction to provide a complete assessment of the situation. Our experts work with banks and financial institutions to mitigate threats and shield systems from new attacks, performing penetration testing, detailed security analyses, and simulated hacking to spot any weak points.

Corporate Bank Fraud

Our experts are equipped to investigate fraud on any level, including internal fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement, and other financial investigations. CSCT discrete, thorough fraud investigation to resolve the issue with no further damage.

Debit Card Fraud Criminals

CNBC and other reliable sources report more than $5.8 Billion lost to fraud and related crimes in 2021, with numbers growing annually. Many financial institutions, banks, and credit unions have instilled advanced security measures to mitigate the risk of financial fraud, but cybercriminals constantly develop new strategies to circumvent these efforts. Our financial fraud investigators constantly train to identify the latest tactics and offer the latest practices, keeping your finances and sensitive information secured.

A financial institution will typically review transactional data and digital footprints to determine fraud exposure, looking for theft, fraud, or misconduct identifiers. Different forms of forensic evidence are pieced together to reveal fraud and security risks. While Bank fraud can often be investigated internally, there are situations where it is beneficial to have an industry-leading bank fraud investigator assume control. Escalating fraud trends and evolved practices have made fraud investigations more complex than ever, and countless files can bury vital information. An expert fraud investigator can precisely outline each discrepancy and help you use the experience to fortify existing systems.

The timeframe for a bank fraud investigator to complete their assessment will depend on the case scope and the parties in charge of the investigation. Cases could include multiple bank systems or various parties, creating delays in the process. The fraud investigator is also held to state and Federal law restrictions, so they must operate within parameters. In some cases, bank fraud investigations can take months or even years to complete, but it's our job to ensure that's not the case. For timely and complete documentation, contact CSCT's experts and request a case assessment. Speaking with a professional regarding your case will allow them to provide an accurate timeframe and initial assessment.

Bank fraud is a serious crime that can have devastating consequences for both the bank and the victim. In many cases, the bank can recover the funds through its own insurance or by taking legal action against the cybercriminal. However, in some cases, the bank may not recover the full amount of the loss. In these cases, a fraud investigator may be able to help. A fraud investigator is a specialist who is trained in identifying and investigating instances of bank fraud. They may be able to help the bank recover some of the lost funds by working with the bank's legal team and conducting their own investigation into the fraud. While it is not always possible to recover all the lost funds, a fraud investigator can often help recoup some of the loss and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Banking institutions and credit unions are typically equipped with a fraud investigations manager and sometimes have their own departments, so why is there a need for third-party bank fraud investigators? Because precision is everything in severe or delicate situations. CSCT possesses unsurpassed cyber investigation expertise, allowing us to perform penetration testing, simulated hacking attempts, and full-scope security analyses. Uncovering the source of fraud is only part of the financial investigation process. Our cyber experts work discreetly and efficiently to trace each fraudulent action before proceeding to threat mitigation. But once the threat is cleared, it's time to consider prevention. Every fraud attempt doesn't require third-party assistance, but situations can quickly escalate when criminals access sensitive information and financial accounts.

Financial fraud describes various illegal activities, all of which have the intent of financial gain. The result can be devastating whether the target is an institution or an individual. Crimes that fall under financial fraud include using false identities to open bank accounts, writing bad checks, and stealing bank cards and PINs. In recent years, bank fraud has become increasingly common as criminals have become more sophisticated in their methods and can often attack from across the world. As a result, bank fraud is now one of the most common types of financial crime Financial fraud investigators are tasked with uncovering the truth behind these cases, gathering court-admissible evidence, and thoroughly documenting each transaction to support criminal convictions or civil action. Criminal organizations often commit bank fraud, with multiple banks and systems coming into play, resulting in complex financial investigations. Because these cases can quickly become complex and convoluted, investigating bank fraud can be a meticulous and challenging process. However, by working closely with bank staff and using the latest investigative techniques, fraud investigators can often bring those responsible for bank fraud to justice. CSCT is home to some of the industry's top investigators, unequivocally preparing us for any situation.

CSCT's private investigator team is very familiar with law enforcement cooperation, often partnering with officials to present case-altering evidence and testimony. Our team may not directly take action, but we provide the best course of action along with meticulous records for individuals to seek justice. The accurate suspicious activity reports and witness testimony given by our private investigators is often the key to resolving fraud cases and other cybercrimes, whether the outcome is civil justice, conviction, or clearing your name.

Internal investigators often handle forensic accounting for banking institutions and large corporations. However, there are times when it's advantageous to partner with highly-trained private investigators to expediently resolve your issue. For matters outside of the typical data analytics and reporting handled by on-staff forensic investigators, you want the most experienced cybersecurity professionals by your side, and that's where CSCT comes in. Our financial fraud and cybercrime investigators discreetly and efficiently resolve fraud claims, repair system insecurities, and improve protocols to prevent fraud in the future.

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