Cyber Security Investigators

Cyber Security Investigators

Keep your information and data secure.

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The strategies and tactics behind cyber intrusions never stop evolving, and neither do our cybercrime investigators. CSCT's world-class investigative techniques and industry-leading computer crime investigators mitigate cyber threats and create stronger infrastructures to prevent future incidents. Contact our cybercrime task force to triumph over hackers, fraud, and security breaches.

Cyber Attack Prevention

The ideal time to build system security is before a network intrusion occurs. Our experts perform penetration testing, simulated hacking attacks, and deploy system tests as required to highlight every weakness in electronic systems. By uncovering these flaws, we can improve security systems and protocols for safer operations.

Incident Response

Incident response allows companies or individuals to identify, stop, and recover from cyber attacks. This response is used to mitigate cyber attacks and allow as little damage as possible, documenting electronic evidence to support criminal justice or civil suits. A company's incident response can have lasting effects on consumer trust and financial success.

Recovering Data & Minimizing Damage

CSCT's cyber security experts deploy containment and recovery measures to prevent further spread of information and mitigate the threat. When timing is everything, you want a specially-trained investigator on the case. While you cannot un-spread information, containment is vital after data theft.

  • Corporate Misconduct

    Theft, misconduct, and insider trading with computer forensics. Our experts accurately pin discrepancies in the electronic evidence to flag misconduct, improving business efficiency and preventing future occurrences.


  • Copyright Infringement/Intellectual Property Theft

    Our cybercrime investigators prove the origin of the intellectual property using digital forensics, often finding the criminal in the process. Protect or recover your trade secrets, future patents, and intellectual property.


  • Identity Theft

    Identity thieves are more cunning than ever, but computer forensics accurately exposes them to recover losses and achieve criminal justice. Reclaim your identity and collect concrete proof for any necessary disputes.


  • Embezzlement & Financial Crimes

    Companies lose Billions of dollars each year to embezzlement, bank fraud, and other financial crimes. A cybercrime investigator can help recover losses and mitigate threats to systems.


  • Fraudulent Transactions

    Fraudulent transactions can ruin credit and drain bank accounts without a proper response. CSCT's experts use digital evidence to identify criminals and reverse charges.


  • Penetration Testing

    Simulated hacking attempts and "penetration testing" offer key insights to a company's weaknesses, allowing us to improve a corporation's computer networks and digital systems.

  • Data Breaches

    Data breaches impact businesses of all sizes, leaking sensitive information and creating distrust with consumers. CSCT's experts swiftly mitigate the data breach and initiate data recovery protocols to minimize damages.


  • Hacking & Malware

    Hackers can have devastating effects on companies and individuals alike, raising various concerns. Our experts mitigate these cyber attacks and help clients build stronger data systems.


  • E-Discovery

    Our cybercrime investigators collect digital evidence from computer systems, storage devices, and other media to support criminal investigations and civil litigations.


  • Internet Defamation

    While defamation is a crime, cybercriminals often go unpunished under the internet's cloak. Our cybercrime investigators find the source of defamation, allowing further action to be taken.


  • Social Media Investigations

    Social media reveals key information in many situations, especially when analyzed by an expert. Find someone's background, unveil true intentions, and support claims with social media investigations.


How TSCM Electric Bug Sweeps Work

Our agency moves quickly to detect any electric bugs within your space.

Professionalism and Honesty:

We listen to your needs and concerns, and quickly and efficiently plan our bug sweep around those concerns. We also only accept cases where we are confident we can provide the complete service you desire.

In-Depth Search Using Advanced Equipment:

Our elite TSCM team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to search your area for any hidden cameras and microphones even if they are deactivated or broken, our team will still find them.

Custom Approach:

Each client is treated as our only client. We make it our mission to operate as your private investigation agency providing unparalleled intelligence services. The CSCT Global team adheres to the highest moral, professional, and ethical standards.

Detailed Report:

We communicate any and all summaries of our findings and also provide you with a detailed report of any eavesdropping findings or activity we suspect.


When emergency situations come up, we're available to work around your schedule in order to detect any privacy and security breach.

Regardless of the method or the reason, high tech surveillance, hacking, electronic eavesdropping can only be identified and stopped through sophisticated Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures.


Put a stop to eavesdropping today.


Why Hire Cybercrime Investigators?

Most individuals and companies hire cybercrime investigators to resolve issues presented by cybercrimes, or to prevent cyber attacks from occurring. Our cyber experts are the best in the industry, offering the tools, knowledge, and expertise to rebound from any security incident or fraud attempt.

Why Choose CSCT Global

Detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices so that you can confidently conduct business and maintain your privacy.


Technical Investigation Certifications

CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician Certification, and CFI-FTER Certified Forensic Interviewer (Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery).


Government- Grade Equipment

State-of-the-art, government-grade equipment is used along with proprietary technology, tactics, and software to protect your privacy and communications.


Trusted Internationally

We work with clients from around the world to protect their proprietary information and ensure privacy.


Professionally Trained

Our technicians train alongside U.S. agencies including Homeland Security, US Marshalls, CIA, and FBI Agents.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

There are more cyber crimes than ever, leaving you responsible for improving security. Our cyber security experts provide in-depth analyses to help improve security posture and mitigate potential risks. Prevention is the most cost-effective and manageable approach to cybercrime.

Test Security Systems

Information security is one of the most critical responsibilities of a company, and there are often holes in every system, which would allow for serious personal or financial loss. Penetration testing and expert security analyses find and fortify weaknesses to prevent intrusion.

Pursue Criminal Justice

If you have solid knowledge of misconduct but insufficient proof, a cybercrime investigator can often help. By analyzing digital forensics and investigative skills, our experts can gather admissible evidence for civil or legal trials.

Cybersecurity threats and crimes are often investigated by an internal cybercrime investigator or by law enforcement agencies, depending on the severity. Officials attempt to resolve each case, but endless reports of cybercrime can lead to an inefficient timeline. While these entities can often handle the threat, our world-class cybercrime investigators bring unmatched expertise and advanced protocols to expedite intelligence gathering and mitigate cyber threats. An expert cybercrime investigator from CSCT provides prompt responses to the most severe data breaches and cyber crimes. Whether you are dealing with a critical infrastructure attack or identity theft, our professionals are devoted to stopping the threat and minimizing damages experienced.

A cybercrime investigator is responsible for analyzing the digital evidence from cyber attacks to find the source and prevent further damage. A cyber investigator is able to preserve evidence for use in prosecuting crimes and seeking civil action. Certain cybercrime investigation specialists, like ours, are proficient in security analyses and penetration testing, offering enhanced protection for sensitive data and personal information.

The world of cybercrime is ever-evolving and often challenging to trace. The United States created the Internet Crime Complaint Center to help with investigating cyber attacks, but there are far too many cybercrimes for them to manage. For an expedited response, speak with a cybercrime investigator from CSCT. Our industry experts can help you navigate various criminal and counterintelligence investigations, so you are covered no matter where the case leads. Once we find and mitigate your cyber adversaries, our team can help you block further criminal activity with innovative security measures.

Cybercrime investigators should have a wide range of experience to effectively assist any client. While certifications and advanced training keep investigators sharp and up-to-date on the latest evolutions in cybercrime, it takes years of experience to build the necessary skills for cybercrime investigations. Various credentials add repertoire to a cybercrime expert's resume but no specific certification is required. However, a cybercrime investigator should be a certified digital forensics examiner to handle electronic evidence. CSCT is home to some of the most experienced cybercrime investigators in the industry, with certifications including:

  • CPTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
  • CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
  • CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
  • ECSA Certified Security Analyst

Depending on the nature of your incident, it could take weeks or months for law enforcement agencies to examine your case. high volumes and small teams investigating crimes prevent timely resolution in many cases. When you need a prompt, thorough investigation, call CSCT. Our information security analysts will rapidly mitigate and contain the threat while enhancing information security across systems.

Our agency has consulted with various law enforcement agencies, using computer science to compile case-altering documentation of cybercrimes. Our knowledge and expertise make the CSCT team the ideal resource for collecting digital forensics, recovering file systems, mitigating malicious software, and other advanced processes.

A major component of digital forensics is uncovering hidden or deleted materials, which often contain the information necessary to proceed with a case. The extensive tools and expertise held by a cybercrime investigator allow them to find deleted records, skewed transactions, internet history, and other pertinent information to compile a full report. What are the necessary skills for a cybercrime investigator? Cyber security investigators must use a variety of tools to detect and investigate digital crimes, from tracing transactions through the dark web to data breaches. A cybercrime investigator can apply different forensics techniques to analyze digital data, track malicious activities, and identify the culprits to pursue criminal justice. Cybercrime investigators must also use data analytics and electronic evidence to detect system vulnerabilities and create countermeasures to prevent future attacks. Additionally, they conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses in order to obtain further evidence, blending traditional detective tasks with computer science. In addition to their technical skills, cybercrime investigators must also have excellent communication and problem-solving capabilities in order to succeed in their roles. They must be able to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions for the issues they face. Cybersecurity investigators need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and be able to quickly identify new threats. They must also have a deep understanding of the law, as they may need to provide evidence for legal proceedings related to cyber-related crimes. Cyber security investigators are essential in keeping our digital systems safe and protected from malicious entities.

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