Cyber Investigation Tallahassee, FL

Cyber Investigation Tallahassee, FL

Keep your information and data secure.


Victims of cybercrimes know just how difficult these crimes are to deal with. The biggest problem most victims of these criminal attacks run into is the inability to track down the hacker. They are excellent at hiding their identity and leaving very little trace. In order to track down a cybercriminal, seek damages, and press charges, you’ll need to hire a cyber investigation company in Tallahassee. Once you’ve made the decision to hire a cyber investigation company, go with the best—The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team.

Our team of top cyber investigation experts leverages the use of proprietary software, specialized techniques, and databases to ensure outstanding results. We will find the offender that has compromised your personal or financial information so you can go after them for damages and press charges.

Some of the cyber investigation services we provide include: 

  •       Hacker Identification
  •       Cyber Stalking & Harassment Identification
  •       Internet Defamation Identification
  •       Identification Services
  •       Global Geo Location
  •       Counter-Intelligence
  •       Electronic Surveillance

If you would like to learn more about cyber investigation services and hiring a cyber investigator in Tallahassee, reach out to The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. One of our team members will provide you with a consultation and discuss the details of the cybercrime with you. From there, we will let you know how we can help you to bring the criminal to justice.

Compromised Banking or Private Information

If you have been the victim of wire fraud, you’ve had your business email compromised, you are being blackmailed, or you are otherwise being targeted by a thief or hacker, you find yourself in an extremely difficult situation to handle. Cybercriminals hide behind a maze of internet technology that makes it impossible for the average person to track them down.

In order to unmask the criminal that has compromised your banking or private information, contact a cyber investigation team in Tallahassee to address and resolve the problem.

Below are some of the most common cyberattacks (in which you may be a victim):  

  •       BEC wire fraud
  •       Cyber-stalking
  •       Blackmail
  •       Extortion
  •       Online defamation
  •       Click fraud
  •       Revenge pictures/videos
  •       Other forms of cybercrime

In order to remove the compromised information, receive damages for the criminal activity, and bring the criminal to legal justice, hire The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. We use specialized software, tools, and industry knowledge to not only find the offender behind the attack but also build a case against them. We will testify in court, support your attorney, and provide assistance to law enforcement.

Our Specialty: The Ability to Identify Criminals

The first step of pressing charges against a criminal that has compromised your personal and banking information and seeking damages for these crimes is finding the culprit behind the crimes. This is a lot easier said than done. Cybercriminals hide their tracks well and most people simply don’t have the resources to track them down. That’s where The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team comes in. We specialize in identifying cybercriminals and uncovering their illegal activity. Once we find them, we will help to gather evidence that allows you to press charges and sue for damages. If the criminal has stolen money from you, we will help to track the money down.

If your information has been stolen and is being used against you or if your private information has been leaked online, we will help you to find the criminal behind these acts. We will then work closely with law enforcement and your attorney to put together a legal case against the offender.

Our team is able to identify the names, phone numbers, social media accounts, and other information of the criminal. We can also uncover financial information, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrency exchanges.

Once the information is collected the hacks and blackmail can be stopped, and by pressing charges you’ll be able to ensure the criminal is never able to commit these crimes again in the future.

Should I Contact the Police?

Your gut instinct once you’ve been victimized by a cybercriminal may be to go to the cops. While you should file a police report, don’t expect a response. Even if your local police department wants to help you, many times they simply cannot. Local law enforcement doesn’t have the resources or expertise needed to track down cybercriminals.

Another option is to contact the federal government and report the hack. This also likely won’t go anywhere. The feds are focused on bigger crimes involving millions of dollars or matters of national security. They simply don’t have the manpower to chase down every small lead.

Our team offers government-level capabilities that enable us to track down cybercriminals. The difference between The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team and law enforcement is that we have the time, resources, and manpower to help our clients. Our clients are our top priority. Once the criminal is uncovered, we will work with law enforcement to press charges against the criminal.

Learn More About an Entity or Person

If you are vetting a politician, looking into a job candidate, researching a business, or need help learning about any other person or entity, The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team can help.

We are able to use our specialized software and tools not only to track down criminals but also to learn more about businesses and individuals. The tools and methods we utilize are completely legal and ethical. We don’t “hack.” Instead, we use lawful tools to gather information.


The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is made up of expertly-trained counter-surveillance and cyber investigations specialists. Our clients are our top priority, and we excel at providing our clients with the results they deserve. We are able to provide services for businesses, individuals, and attorneys. We can provide actionable intelligence, and we are able to help build a court case when criminal activity is involved.

For more information about the services we provide, reach out to our experts today!

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