Cyber Investigation St. Petersburg, FL

Cyber Investigation St. Petersburg, FL

Keep your information and data secure.


Being the victim of a cybercrime is awful for a variety of reasons. One major reason is the inability to seek justice. Because the culprit committed the crime online, it can be very difficult to track them down. Without being able to find them, it’s impossible to press charges and take the criminal to court for damages. That’s why—if you would like to find the person behind the hack or online attack—you’ll need to hire a cyber investigation company in St. Petersburg.

When you are looking for the best cyber investigation services in St. Petersburg FL, look no further than The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. Our extensive experience in the field, backgrounds, and trade secrets enable us to get the results you are looking for. We leverage specialized techniques, proprietary software, and special databases to find the criminal and bring them to justice.

Some of the cyber investigation services we provide include: 

  •       Hacker Identification
  •       Identification Services
  •       Electronic Surveillance
  •       Internet Defamation Identification
  •       Global Geo Location
  •       Cyber Stalking & Harassment Identification
  •       Counter-Intelligence

If you would like to learn more about cyber investigation services and hiring a cyber investigator in St. Petersburg, contact The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team today. We’ll speak with you in order to learn more about the cybercrime you have been a victim of. From there, we will help to uncover the culprit, find funds that have been stolen, and ensure they spend time behind bars for their crimes.

Is Your Private or Banking Info Compromised?

If you’ve been the victim of wire fraud, are being blackmailed, your business email has been compromised, or you are in any other way being harmed by a hacker, thief, or blackmailer, you’ll need the help of cyber investigation experts to uncover the criminal that is behind the incident. Cybercriminals are able to hide behind a worldwide maze of high-end tech that makes it extremely difficult to find them.

If your private or banking information has been compromised, hire a cyber investigator in St. Petersburg.

Below are some of the most common cyberattacks (in which you may be a victim):  

  •       Extortion
  •       Blackmail
  •       Click fraud
  •       BEC wire fraud
  •       Online defamation
  •       Cyber-stalking
  •       Revenge pictures/videos
  •       Other forms of cybercrime

In order to receive damages, remove compromised information, and bring the cybercriminal to justice, reach out to The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. We will use our knowledge, professional software, and specialized tools to identify and track down the criminal. We will then help with building a criminal case against them. We are able to support your attorney, testify in court, and assist law enforcement.

What Sets Us Apart: The Ability to Identify Criminals

If you are not able to find out who the perpetrator of the crime is, you won’t be able to take them to court and press charges. You need to be able to identify the criminal. This is easier said than done, as online criminals are great at hiding.

One of the key benefits offered by The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is our ability to find cybercriminals. From there, they can be prosecuted, and the victim can receive economic and non-economic damages.

There are few companies out there that are able to unmask cybercriminals and track them down. In order to get the justice, you are owed, you need to hire an outstanding cyber investigator in St. Petersburg. For the best in the business, look no further than The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team.

Our expert team is able to find the criminal that is behind the hack, track down money that has been stolen, and help with putting together a case to prosecute. We get amazing results for our clients.

If you’ve had your private information leaked or stolen, or if you are a victim of blackmail, we will help you to track down the criminal. We then will work with your legal team and law enforcement to build a strong legal case.

We can identify names, phone numbers, social accounts, and more. We can also unmask financial information, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrency exchanges.

Once we uncover all of this information, we will start building the case. Once the criminal is stopped you will get the justice you deserve, and the criminal won’t be able to hurt more people in the future.  

Can the Police Help?

The short answer is, “probably not.” While you should file a police report, you probably shouldn’t have high expectations of what law enforcement—especially local law enforcement—can and will do. Even on the federal level, you shouldn’t expect a lot of support. While they have the ability to track down cybercriminals, they are usually busy with higher priorities. Unless there are millions of dollars on the line or it is a national security threat, you more than likely won’t be a priority.

So, what do you do when you are the victim of a cybercrime? Contact The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. We have government-level capabilities, and we have the time and resources to take on your case. We will help you to find the criminal behind the attack and stop them.

Find Out What You Need to Know About a Person or Entity

Along with our criminal investigation services, The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team also helps with vetting politicians, researching businesses, looking into job candidates, and more.

With our specialized software and tools, we can find out whatever you would like to know about a person or entity in an ethical and legal way. We never “hack.” Instead, we collect data legally and get you outstanding results.


The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is made up of highly-trained cyber investigation and counter-surveillance experts. We work hard to get our clients the results they deserve. We service businesses, individuals, and attorneys.

For criminal matters, we are able to help build a court case. We provide actionable intelligence to clients that can be used to receive damages and press charges.

For more information about the services The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team provides, reach out today! 

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