Cyber Investigation St. Augustine, FL

Cyber Investigation St. Augustine, FL

Keep your information and data secure.


Cybercriminals are often able to get away with their crimes because they are exceedingly difficult to track down. If you can’t find the culprit behind the crimes, there is no way to press charges or sue. In order to track down and prosecute the criminal, you’ll need to hire a cyber investigation company in St. Augustine.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team provides top-quality cyber investigation services in St. Augustine. Our expert team consists of specialists that utilize proprietary software, databases, and special techniques that are exclusive to our team of investigators. Our specialized backgrounds, trade secrets, and extensive experience enable us to produce results that allow our clients to seek damages and get the justice that is owed to them.

Some of the cyber investigation services we provide include: 

  • Hacker Identification
  • Cyber Stalking & Harassment Identification
  • Global Geo Location
  • Identification Services
  • Counter-Intelligence
  • Internet Defamation Identification
  • Electronic Surveillance

If you would like more information about cyber investigations and hiring a cyber investigator in St. Augustine, contact The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. We’d be happy to provide you with a consultation and let you know how we can address the cyberattack that compromised your personal information. We will then help to bring the criminal to justice.

Is Your Private or Banking Information Compromised?

Whether you are a victim of wire fraud, your business email has been compromised, you are being blackmailed, or you are otherwise being harmed by a thief, hacker, or blackmailer, you’ve been put in an exceedingly difficult position. Finding the criminal on your own is unlikely, as they hide behind a worldwide maze of tech that makes it impossible for most people to find them.

If you’ve had your banking or personal information compromised, you’ll want to contact a cyber investigator in St. Augustine FL.

Below are some of the most common cyberattacks (in which you may be a victim):  

  •       BEC wire fraud
  •       Blackmail
  •       Click fraud
  •       Extortion
  •       Revenge pictures/videos
  •       Cyber-stalking
  •       Online defamation
  •       Other forms of cybercrime

In order to remove compromised information from the internet, receive damages, and press charges against the criminal, you’ll want to hire a top cyber investigation firm like The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. We will use our specialized tools, software, and knowledge to track down the offender. We will also help you to build a legal case, testify in court, support your attorney, and provide assistance to law enforcement.

The Ability to Identify

One of the most important things The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team brings to the table is the ability to identify the cybercriminal behind the online crime. In order to stop the issues from reoccurring and stop the offender from hurting someone else, they need to be identified. They also need to be uncovered to press charges and receive economic and non-economic damages. This is much easier said than done. To find the criminal behind the cybercrime, you’ll want to hire a top-quality cyber investigator in St. Augustine. For the best in the business, consider The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team.

Our team produces results. We are able to find the criminal behind the hack and collect information so they can be brought to justice. If you’ve had money stolen, we can also help to find where the money has gone.

If you’re a victim of blackmail or you’ve had personal information stolen and leaked, we can track down the criminal holding it for ransom. We will help to build a strong legal case against them by working closely with law enforcement and your attorney.

We can identify names, phone numbers, social accounts, and more. We are also able to unmask financial information, wire transfers, and crypto exchanges.

Once we gather the information, we will help you to get the justice you deserve and stop the criminal from hurting others in the future.

Can the Police Help?

If you have been the victim of any kind of crime, it’s good to file a police report. With that said, your local law enforcement likely won’t be able to do a lot to help you. No local department has the expertise or resources to track down a cybercriminal.

The federal government does have the resources, and you can file a report online. They are extremely busy, though, and don’t have the manpower to address smaller cases. Unless it’s a matter of national security or there are millions of dollars on the line, they probably won’t do much.

That’s where The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team comes in. Our team of specialists has access to a variety of tools and government-level capabilities. We are committed to getting our clients the results they need and deserve. We are here to support you through this difficult time and stop the criminal for good.

Find Out What You Need to Know About a Person or Entity

Do you need to look into a corporation or business? Do you have a job candidate that you would like more information about? Are you vetting a politician? Whatever the case may be, we are able to help.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team uses specialized software and tools to look into the person or business you would like to learn more about. We employ legal and ethical techniques, and we never “hack.” Instead, we use lawful tools and our years of experience to uncover the information you need.


The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team consists of expertly-trained counter surveillance specialists and cyber investigators that are focused on results. We are dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of all of our clients. We are available to provide services for individuals, businesses, and attorneys. We provide actionable intelligence for clients, and we will help to build a court case to prosecute criminals.

For more information about the services we provide, speak to one of our experts today!

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