Cyber Investigation Orlando, FL

Cyber Investigation Orlando, FL

Keep your information and data secure.


One of the major problems with cyber crimes is the inability to identify the culprit. Without knowing the identity of the perpetrator, it’s impossible to press charges and bring the criminal to court for damages. In order to find the person responsible, you’ll need a specialized cyber investigation company in Orlando.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team provides the highest level of cyber investigation services in Orlando. Our cyber investigation specialists utilize databases, proprietary software, and techniques exclusive to our team of cyber investigators. Our specialized trade secrets, backgrounds, and extensive experience enable us to produce outstanding results that allow you to seek damages and get the justice you deserve.

Some of the cyber investigation services we provide include:

  •       Hacker Identification
  •       Internet Defamation Identification
  •       Cyber Stalking & Harassment Identification
  •       Counter-Intelligence
  •       Global Geo Location
  •       Identification Services
  •       Electronic Surveillance

If you have any questions about cyber investigations and hiring a cyber investigator in Orlando, reach out to The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team today. We’ll provide you with a consultation and let you know how we can address the cyber attack that compromised your private information, then bring the culprit to justice.

Is Your Private or Banking Information Compromised?

Whether you have had your business email compromised, you’ve been a victim of wire fraud, you are being blackmailed, or you are otherwise being harmed by a hacker, thief, or blackmailer, you are in a very tough spot. These criminals are able to hide behind a worldwide maze of sophisticated tech that makes it impossible for the average person to find them.

If you have had your private or banking information compromised, you’ll need to contact a cyber investigator in Orlando FL. Below are some of the most common cyber attacks (in which you may be a victim): 

  •       BEC wire fraud
  •       Click fraud
  •       Extortion
  •       Blackmail
  •       Cyber-stalking
  •       Revenge pictures/videos
  •       Online defamation
  •       Other forms of cybercrime

In order to receive damages, remove compromised information, and bring the criminal to justice, you’ll want to hire a cyber investigation firm like Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. With our specialized tools, software, and knowledge, we’ll be able to identify the criminal and help you build a legal case against them. This includes testifying in court, supporting your attorney, and providing assistance to law enforcement.

What Sets Us Apart: The Ability to Identify

The key benefit offered by The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is our ability to identify the person behind the cybercrime. This is extremely important for prosecution and receiving economic and non-economic damages.

Not many companies are able to identify the person or people behind a cybercrime. In order to stop the crime from reoccurring and prosecute the offender, they first need to be identified. This is no easy task. In order to properly identify the criminal, you’ll need to hire a top-quality cyber investigator in Orlando.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is the best in the business, and we produce results. We are able to identify who is behind the hack. If you’ve had money stolen, we can also find where the money went.

If you are a victim of blackmail or you’ve had private information stolen and leaked, we can find the criminal who stole your information and is holding it for ransom. We can then help you to build a legal case against them by working closely with your attorney and law enforcement.

We are able to identify names, phone numbers, social media, and much more. We can also unmask financial information, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrency exchanges.

We will build a case with the information we find and help you to stop the issue from continuing. By identifying the criminal you’ll be able to get the justice you deserve, and you’ll prevent others from falling victim to the crimes the offender is committing.

Why Not Go to the Police?

Your instinct once you’ve been hacked, your private information has been leaked, or you are being blackmailed may be to go to the police. While it’s good to at least file a report, it’s important to keep in mind that there isn’t a lot (if anything) that your local police can do. No local department has the resources or expertise to hunt down a cybercriminal.

If you are thinking of going to the feds instead, that is generally a waste of time as well. Unless there is a national security threat or millions of dollars are at stake, there is a strong chance they will ignore it. They don’t have the manpower or resources to take on smaller cases.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team has government-level capabilities. The difference between us and them is we put your needs first. We are here to help to provide you with the support you need in such a difficult time. We’ll help to expose the criminal and provide you with what you need to stop them for good.

Find Out What You Need to Know About a Person or Entity

Do you have a job candidate you need more information on? Are you vetting a politician and need more info on their background? Maybe you are doing some corporate research and need to look into a business. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help.

Through the use of specialized tools and software, we can find out what you’d like to know about the person or business you are looking into. All of the methods we employ are legal and ethical. We don’t “hack” people or businesses. We instead use our years of expertise and lawful tools to uncover the information you are looking for.


The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is made up of highly-trained cyber investigators and counter-surveillance experts. We are dedicated to serving our clients and ensuring their full satisfaction with the services we provide. We are available to provide services for businesses, individuals, and attorneys. We provide actionable intelligence for our clients, and we help with building a court case when a criminal is involved.

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