Cyber Investigation Ocala, FL

Cyber Investigation Ocala, FL

Keep your information and data secure.


If you are the victim of a cybercrime and you are seeking justice, you know just how difficult it can be to get the justice you deserve. Cybercriminals are experts at hiding their tracks, and it is very difficult to find them. If you aren’t able to uncover the person behind the cybercrime, you won’t be able to press charges and take them to court for damages. In order to figure out who the cybercriminal is and hold them accountable, you’ll want to hire a cyber investigation company in Ocala.

When you are looking for the highest quality cyber investigation services in Ocala, look no further than The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. Our outstanding team of cyber investigation specialists uses proprietary software, databases, and specialized techniques to get real results for our clients. We can find the cybercriminal and track them down—allowing you to press charges and go after them for damages.

Some of the cyber investigation services we provide include: 

  •       Cyber Stalking & Harassment Identification
  •       Global Geo Location
  •       Hacker Identification
  •       Internet Defamation Identification
  •       Identification Services
  •       Counter-Intelligence
  •       Electronic Surveillance

To learn more about hiring a cyber investigator in Ocala and cyber investigations in general, contact The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team. We will provide you with a consultation and discuss the cyber attack you have experienced. We will then help you to bring the cybercriminal to justice.

Is Your Banking or Private Information Compromised?

If you’ve had your business email compromised, you are a victim of wire fraud, you are being blackmailed, or you are otherwise being targeted by a thief or hacker, you are in a really tough situation. These criminals hide behind a maze of online tech that makes it difficult to find them.

If you’ve recently had your private or banking information compromised, you’ll want to contact a cyber investigation company in Ocala to resolve the problem.  

Below are some of the most common cyberattacks (in which you may be a victim):  

  •       BEC wire fraud
  •       Cyber-stalking
  •       Blackmail
  •       Extortion
  •       Online defamation
  •       Click fraud
  •       Revenge pictures/videos
  •       Other forms of cybercrime

To receive damages, remove the compromised information, and bring the cybercriminal to justice, consider hiring a cyber investigation firm. The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team has specialized tools, software, and knowhow that allows us to find the online criminal and build a case against them. We will testify in court, support your attorney, and provide additional assistance to law enforcement.

The Ability to Identify Criminals

It’s impossible to prosecute criminals if you don’t know who they are. Identifying cybercriminals is key to pressing charges and seeking economic and non-economic damages. With that said, it is also extremely difficult. In order to identify the cybercriminal that has caused your personal or financial issues, you’ll need to contact a cyber investigation firm in Ocala that specializes in identifying online criminals. For the best in the Ocala area, you’ll want to contact The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber team is able to track down the criminal behind the cyberattack so they can be prosecuted criminally and sued for damages. If you have had money stolen, we can also track down where the money went.

If your information has been stolen and is being held for ransom or your private information has been leaked online, we can help you to find the person behind the theft. We will then help you to build a legal case against that person by working closely with your attorney and law enforcement.

Our team is able to identify names, phone numbers, social media accounts, and more. We can also unmask financial information, wire transfers, and crypto exchanges.

We will collect enough information to stop the issue from occurring in the future and ensure the criminal is brought to justice.

Should I Contact the Police?

While you should file a police report when a crime has occurred, if it’s a cybercrime you shouldn’t expect the local police to be able to do anything to help. Local police departments don’t have the resources or expertise to hunt down cybercriminals.

While the federal government does have the resources to track down cybercriminals, they generally won’t spend any time on smaller cases. They prioritize cases where millions of dollars are on the line or there is a national security threat. Your individual case most likely won’t end up on their radar.

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team has government-level capabilities that allow us to track down cybercriminals. The key difference is that we have the time and resources to get the job done for you. Our clients are our number one priority. We will find the cybercriminal, then help you to put together a case. Then we will work with law enforcement to press charges.

Find Out What You Need to Know About an Entity or Person

Is there a business you would like more information about? Do you have a job candidate you want to learn more about? Maybe you are vetting a politician and need some additional information…

When you are looking for additional information on a person or entity, The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team can help. We use specialized software and tools that allow us to learn more about the individual or business you are looking into. We don’t “hack” to find this information. We use lawful and ethical tools to gather the information you are looking for.


The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team consists of highly-trained counter-surveillance and cyber investigation experts. We are committed to helping our clients in their time of need and getting results. We can provide services for individuals, businesses, and attorneys. We provide actionable intelligence and help with building a court case (when a criminal is involved).  

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