Click Fraud Investigations Tallahassee, FL

Click Fraud Investigations Tallahassee, FL

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The rising risk of PPC fraud has caused detrimental damage to businesses in Tallahassee, Florida. And while it's a financial crime, police are often unable to pursue the attackers. So, what's your best option to protect and preserve your campaign against these criminals? Contacting an experienced cyber fraud investigator.

Fraud investigations occur for various reasons, from personal gain to purposefully hurting your business's sales. Our private investigator team can stop the attack and provide solutions for recovering wasted ad spending. We will accumulate any available supporting documentation for you to pursue compensation. What is more important is an uninterrupted advertising flow in the future.

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Have You Suspected Fraud With Your Ad Campaign?

Click fraud can quickly take control of your advertising campaign, causing conversion to plummet and may even impact your organic search results. It's a financial crime and no business in Tallahassee, Florida, deserves malicious conduct. Let a fraud investigator review your ad campaign and determine the best solution for your site and advertising.

Stop PPC Waste With Our Fraud Prevention Service

To effectively run a pay-per-click campaign, accurate data and usage reporting are required. Fraudulent clicks can lead to severely lowered conversion rates, potentially affecting your website rankings and organic traffic. Tallahassee PPC campaigns typically improve search engine rankings but click fraud can damage your online presence as a whole.

Effectively Manage Your Ads

An effective ad campaign can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month, so why let someone commit click fraud and sink your advertising budget? Detecting click fraud early can help you minimize the effects it will have on your paid search advertising.

Blocking Repetitive PPC Clicks

Once we have established that fraudulent clicks are costing your business potential customers, the cyber experts at CSCT will proceed with tracking the click fraud source. Using the IP addresses that were used to commit click fraud, our team can find the location and source of the activity. We collect data and information while identifying any U.S laws they have broken to help you file civil or legal action.

Case Study #1

International Travel Agency

A client lost over $10,000 a week from paid advertising campaigns due to a targeted click fraud raid. The cyber investigators at CSCT were able to trace the malicious activity to the client's competitor, stopping further attempts and helping them create a secured ad campaign.


After switching paid ad managers, a local marketing company’s client suffered serious drops in conversion: until our Cyber experts traced fraud clicks back to the email address of the client's previous PPC manager to save their campaign.

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Detecting click fraud quickly is vital to saving your online advertising budget and keeping invalid clicks off of your account. The longer you allow your ads to be attacked, the worse it will get. Once we have diagnosed the source of PPC fraud, our team will create a strategy that protects your advertising costs in the future. Enhanced safety measures and professional recommendations keep your account secure.

Protect Your Campaign


Click fraud is the act of using repeated clicks to deplete a company's advertising budget, sink conversion rates, and/or prevent legitimate users from viewing their ads. Over time, click fraud can have a negative impact on search engines since search rankings are looking for converting, legitimate users when determining SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement.

Who DOes Click Fraud AFFECT?

Any business that utilizes pay-per-click advertising may be a target for click fraud. While there are some industries that have a higher risk of attack, like competing marketing agencies and high cost-per-click niches, no campaign is safe from these attempts until there is a security network in place. According to Search Engine Journal, more than 83% of businesses will suffer from fraudulent clicks, with over 10% of clicks being wasteful.

An increased necessity for online advertising has made false clicks profitable in numerous ways. Click fraud affects most businesses that use online advertisements, so be alert for indications of invalid clicks any time you are running an ad campaign. One of the clearest signs that you are experiencing click fraud is receiving numerous inquiries from the same IP address.

Is Click Fraud Illegal?

Yes, click fraud is cybercrime and in some cases, legal action may be possible. The trouble is, most efforts in the cyber division are given to matters of personal information protection and national security, not your ad campaign. Even if you gain attention from law enforcement, legal recourse may be impossible if they are in different geographic locations. Our click fraud detection experts identify click farms, competitor click fraud, and other fraudulent activity to quantify their damages and save the advertiser's account. From there, our Tallahassee cyber team provides a strategy for you to move forward and viable proof of their click fraud so that you can proceed with civil or legal action.


When a company is targeted for click fraud, there is typically a spike in ad clicks while conversion rates plummet. Depending on the severity of the attack, it should be obvious to anyone who monitors their campaigns. A fraud investigator looks for these inaccuracies to identify likely fraud attempts. If the business is being targeted in a PPC attack, our experts dive into action with a full investigation.

We approach click fraud in the most effective manner, tracking the attempts to their source and collecting evidence for you to recover ad spend. An intensive analysis will reveal who is behind the attack, allowing our Tallahassee investigators to discontinue their efforts.

Monitoring your pay-per-click campaign closely can help you detect the warning signs of PPC fraud before the false clicks have any dramatic effects. When there are a multitude of clicks from a single IP address or group of addresses, click fraud is typically in place. With CSCT's full-range investigation service, you can stop these attempts and prevent further action.


Identifying and stopping click fraud takes a high level of proficiency and in-depth knowledge of how cyber crimes operate. Our cyber experts know how to track the source of criminal activity and stop further actions. From there, we help you compile evidence and provide our recommended course of action. While legal recourse is not always possible with PPC fraud, there is a potential for civil action, reimbursement from advertising platforms, or other compensation may be awarded if you can provide sufficient proof. PPC attacks could be happening from down the street in your competitor's office or in an outsourced, out-of-country center, so possible actions vary on a case-by-case basis.

After our team is able to identify the source of click fraud, they can provide information about the attacker's location, whether they used one computer or many computers, and other key details related to the case. We can create incident reports, offer legal documentation of our findings, and find any evidence available to help you receive that compensation. Online advertising is a vital source of income for many businesses and putting your campaign back on track is our priority.

The final step to our click fraud process is creating a system to protect you from future attacks. CSCT's professionals customize a security solution that keeps your campaign safe from further damage, allowing your sales to grow uninterrupted.

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