Click Fraud Investigations St Petersburg, FL

Click Fraud Investigations St Petersburg, FL

Our private investigators can Identify and Stop the persons responsible

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Companies have found tremendous success with paid advertising but that has exposed a vulnerability. Each year, 80% of businesses are affected by PPC attacks, costing them new clients, sales, and skewing user data. Click fraud comes in many forms and they are all harmful to your advertising spend, but working with our private investigators can protect your business and bring justice to scammers.

Committing click fraud is a crime but chances are that your report will mean nothing to law enforcement, so it's up to cyber experts like CSCT to guide you through the process. Our Saint Petersburg private investigators diagnose and counter PPC fraud to keep your business moving forward. Protect your online advertising budget and halt fraudulent activity.

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Save Your Paid Search Advertising

When click fraud takes control of your pay-per-click advertising, it can be detrimental to your online marketing. Those fraudulent clicks are a crime and it's our mission to quantify the damage, identify the responsible parties, and help you take action.

Take Control Of Your PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising requires accurate data to properly track your click-through rate and conversion. Fraudulent clicks can lead to severely lowered conversion rates, potentially affecting your website rankings and organic traffic. St. Petersburg PPC campaigns typically improve search engine rankings but click fraud can damage your online presence as a whole.

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An Investigation Could Save Your Ad Spend

An effective ad campaign can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month, so why let someone commit click fraud and sink your advertising budget? Detecting click fraud early can help you minimize the effects it will have on your paid search advertising.

Weeding Out The Repeated Clicks

Once we have established that fraudulent clicks are costing your business potential customers, the cyber experts at CSCT will proceed with tracking the click fraud source. Using the IP addresses that were used to commit click fraud, our team can find the location and source of the activity. We collect data and information while identifying any U.S laws they have broken to help you file civil or legal action.

Prevent Click Fraud

Early click fraud detection is becoming increasingly important to save your online advertising budget and keep invalid clicks off of your account. Once we have diagnosed the source of PPC fraud, our team will create a strategy that protects your future ad spend. Enhanced safety measures and professional recommendations support maximum site and PPC security.

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Case Study #1

International Travel Agency

A client lost over $10,000 a week from paid advertising campaigns due to a targeted click fraud raid until our investigators traced the malicious activity to the client's competitor.

Local Marketing Agency

After switching paid ad managers, a local marketing company’s client suffered serious drops in conversion: until our Cyber experts traced fraud clicks back to the email address of the client's previous PPC manager to save their campaign.

What Is PPC Click Fraud?

Click fraud is the act of using repeated clicks to deplete a company's advertising budget, sink conversion rates, and/or prevent legitimate users from viewing their ads. Over time, click fraud can have a negative impact on search engines since search rankings are looking for converting, legitimate users when determining SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement.

Is Click Fraud Common In Saint Petersburg?

Unfortunately, click fraud in St. Petersburg, Florida has become more popular than ever due to the unprecedented value of online advertisements in the last decade. Regardless of where you are located, more than 10% of clicks are fraudulent, and Search Engine Journal reports that over 83% of businesses will experience PPC fraud.

An increased necessity for online advertising has made false clicks profitable in numerous ways. Click fraud affects most businesses that use online advertisements, so be alert for indications of invalid clicks any time you are running an ad campaign. One of the clearest signs that you are experiencing click fraud is receiving numerous inquiries from the same IP address.

Is Click Fraud Illegal in Florida?

While click fraud is a crime in St. Petersburg, Florida and violates search engine guidelines, most laws encompassing click fraud are meant to protect national security and personal information- not your advertising costs. Our click fraud detection service identifies click farms, competitor click fraud, and other fraudulent activity to quantify their damages and save the advertiser's account. From there, we provide a strategy for you to move forward and viable proof of their click fraud so that you can proceed with civil or legal action.

How Do You Discover Online Ad Fraud?

One of the most common indicators of click fraud is an unusual spike in your ad consumption that doesn't fit your typical user behavior. When you are targeted for PPC fraud, it often skews user data and causes peculiar results on Google ads and other advertising networks.

In most situations, you will experience a drop in conversion while your pay-per-click advertising is being targeted, which may decrease your search engine performance. Shortly after the click fraud begins, it will diminish your ability to generate revenue.

Monitoring your pay-per-click campaign closely can help you detect the warning signs of PPC fraud before the false clicks have any dramatic effects. When too many similar IP addresses accumulate in your demographic, click fraud is usually imminent. For advanced PPC advertising protection, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our cyber experts to develop a comprehensive strategy.

How Do You Stop & Prevent Click Fraud?

Click fraud investigations require highly-trained professionals who can properly detect and quantify attackers. Whether your attacker is from the Tampa Bay area, another state, or across the globe, hiring a private investigator can protect your business from fraudulent attempts and secure the success of your campaign. Due to various rules and regulations between countries, legal recourse isn't always possible. Our mission as private investigators is to search for suspicious clicks and identify the perpetrator, location, and end goal of the click fraud to prevent future attempts.

Once the source is identified, our private investigators provide any legal documentation, evidence, and expert statements available to support the determined course of action. Whether you are looking to file a civil case against click fraud or want to report the negative user behavior to the advertising network in hopes of receiving compensation, we can help. In many cases, the advertiser pays for the bot clicks but you may need to complete the review process for them.

After an action is taken, it's time to prevent click fraud. Our team helps you implement a click fraud prevention system that will allow you to generate revenue without bot traffic or irrelevant clicks. With comprehensive protection for your advertisements, your business can focus on legitimate user visits and maximum financial gain.

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