Bug sweep services

Bug sweep services

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It's 2023, and the days when technical surveillance countermeasures were for corporations and government officials are gone. Listening devices, hidden cameras, and other surveillance devices are a part of society.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

CSCT utilizes the most advanced counter-surveillance technology and industry-leading experience to detect surveillance devices, check electronic devices, and ensure secure communications. If electronic eavesdropping devices are found during the bug sweep, the instrument will be destroyed or utilized to find the perpetrator.

Why Are Surveillance Devices Used?

Surveillance devices can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Spouses & Family

Residential bug sweeps may reveal ulterior motives or secret efforts to influence custody battles, inheritances, and other family matters.


  • Competing Corporations

Surveillance is bound to occur when digital tape recorders can influence the future of competing businesses.

  • Criminals Looking To Extort

Blackmail and extortion are at all-time highs, and when it costs next to nothing to bug someone, it happens to more average citizens.


  • Fraudsters & Identity Thieves

hacking computers and phones can grant criminals access to your most sensitive information, allowing them to assume your identity, drain accounts, and more.


How TSCM Electric Bug Sweeps Work

Our agency moves quickly to detect any electric bugs within your space.

Professionalism and Honesty:

We listen to your needs and concerns, and quickly and efficiently plan our bug sweep around those concerns. We also only accept cases where we are confident we can provide the complete service you desire.

In-Depth Search Using Advanced Equipment:

Our elite TSCM team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to search your area for any hidden cameras and microphones even if they are deactivated or broken, our team will still find them.

Custom Approach:

Each client is treated as our only client. We make it our mission to operate as your private investigation agency providing unparalleled intelligence services. The CSCT Global team adheres to the highest moral, professional, and ethical standards.

Detailed Report:

We communicate any and all summaries of our findings and also provide you with a detailed report of any eavesdropping findings or activity we suspect.


When emergency situations come up, we're available to work around your schedule in order to detect any privacy and security breach.

Regardless of the method or the reason, high tech surveillance, hacking, electronic eavesdropping can only be identified and stopped through sophisticated Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures.


Put a stop to eavesdropping today.


Bug Sweep Services


To break it down, the purpose of a bug sweep is to determine whether or not you have any listening devices in your home, office, or car. While some hidden devices can be found with a keen eye, many require specialized equipment to identify. If any “bugs” are found during the sweep, they are destroyed or used to conduct anti-surveillance against the attacking party.

Why Choose CSCT Global

Detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices so that you can confidently conduct business and maintain your privacy.


Technical Investigation Certifications

CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician Certification, and CFI-FTER Certified Forensic Interviewer (Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery).


Government- Grade Equipment

State-of-the-art, government-grade equipment is used along with proprietary technology, tactics, and software to protect your privacy and communications.


Trusted Internationally

We work with clients from around the world to protect their proprietary information and ensure privacy.


Professionally Trained

Our technicians train alongside U.S. agencies including Homeland Security, US Marshalls, CIA, and FBI Agents.

Types Of Bugs

With technological advancements, bug devices come in all shapes and sizes, with various power sources, functions, and capabilities. Here are a few common examples of modern bugs:

Listening Devices

An electronic piece of equipment used to covertly record and/or transmit audio. Hidden microphones can be placed almost anywhere due to their compact design and long battery life.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are more difficult to conceal, but criminals have successfully planted optical bugging devices in sensitive areas.

GPS Trackers

Surveilling entities often place GPS trackers on vehicles or use mobile devices to transmit the signal. With a simple installation of a GPS device, they have your every move.

Mobile Devices

The evolution of mobile devices has made them more dangerous than ever. A counter-surveillance expert can remove spyware on cell phones and other devices to secure communications and travel.

Common Hiding Places

One of the primary concerns regarding electronic bugs is that with advanced technology, individuals can purchase "spy" equipment online. Unprecedented access to bugging devices has evolved the surveillance industry, causing civilians to take precautions. Many bug sweeps start with checking:


Smoke Detectors


Where Are Bugs A Concern?

A few decades ago, bugs were simple audio recorders, and most had a short lifespan without maintenance. Now, bugs can be found anywhere, from executive offices to locker rooms. Sometimes the bug will only be found with a physical search because of the long lifespan and technological improvements today's bugs have. Surveillance methods are often attempted in:

Office Spaces

Personal & Work Vehicles

Conference Rooms



When To Call Professional Bug Sweepers

Bug sweeping services are imperative to those who suspect bugging devices have been planted in their living or work spaces. Bug sweeps can prevent the spread of sensitive information, prevent delicate images from being leaked, and even stop corporate espionage. Counter surveillance isn't always necessary, but if you feel like someone is after valuable information or you've found a bugging device, don't hesitate to call the experts.

Technical surveillance counter measures can identify bugging devices and secure communications, preventing the spread of sensitive information. Once the device is located, our private investigators can often trace the device to its origin, locating the surveilling party for legal action. While these techniques should only be performed by experts, “flipping” the bug can be highly beneficial to learning the identity and intentions of your security attacker.


Counter-Surveillance Tips

While nobody is entirely safe from espionage, stalking, or surveillance, a few simple measures will fortify security weaknesses and deter hidden bugs.

Limiting Access To Sensitive Areas

If attackers cannot gain access, they can't install surveillance devices. While access cannot always be limited, sensitive areas should have limited traffic and remain secured when possible. Of course, procedures will be different for your home versus your office, where the space is shared.

Leaving "just a little" dirt

Leaving a slight film indicates tampering, as people typically grab a ledge, lean on a surface, or disturb the surface in some manner. A clean surface can be wiped again, but natural dust and dirt cannot be replicated.

Extra Electronics Are Suspicious

If something seems off about a room, the suspicion is often valid. Wireless bugs are often tied into electronics to provide a consistent power source, so an out-of-place clock, smoke detector, or plugin device may indicate eavesdropping devices.

Weird Noises Are A Concern

Audio bugs often interfere with nearby electronics, causing static or irregular noise. Certain radio frequencies from handheld radios can signal eavesdropping devices.

CSCT's bug sweep services are based on the project's scope and situational factors, which will affect the timeline of your case. The size of the swept area will impact cost, but countermeasures are often the most expensive part of the investigation. Before performing bug-sweeping services, our counter-surveillance experts will provide an accurate estimate based on the preferred course of action.

A bug sweep is a baseline for technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), where counter-surveillance experts perform physical and technical scans to identify surveillance devices. Bug sweep services utilize state-of-the-art equipment to accurately detect bugs and electronic tampering. An experienced private investigator should always perform counter-surveillance to minimize the client's risk and ensure the threat is dealt with. Finding and destroying the device could provoke the surveilling party, but bug-sweeping services can leverage the equipment to find your perpetrator. An expert private investigator can often reverse-engineer the device to find where criminals are transmitting data.

It can be difficult to determine when a bug sweep is necessary, especially when the device is planted by a professional. Some common signs to help you detect surveillance are:

Out-of-place prints

When surveilling parties position themselves to plant a bug, tracker, or hidden camera, they typically touch a nearby surface. Keep in mind the ideal locations for a bug usually don't see disturbance. Dust disturbance, smudges, or fingerprints near mantles, around clocks, on the wheel well of your vehicle, and other abnormal spots often indicate tampering. Scan these areas to reveal surveillance attempts.

Unfamiliar Electronics

It's often easiest for surveilling parties to use "plug and play" bugs that can be connected to a power source without suspicion. If an electronic device looks out of place, disturbed, or you don't recognize it, take a closer look.

Electronic Disturbances

In many cases, a bug will interfere with other electronics based on its function and power source. Wiretaps notoriously cause white noise and volume fluctuation on phone lines, while electronic eavesdropping will likely disrupt devices at a certain radio frequency.

Losing Inside Information

When trade secrets are suddenly more public than you would have liked, competitors are catching on to new strategies or technologies, and the "upper hand" appears to be gone, it could result from electronic eavesdropping. The same is true for private matters such as custody cases and family disputes.

Before calling the counter surveillance experts for a full-blown bug sweep, it's important to perform your own assessment. Surveillance attempts should never be underestimated, but ask yourself a few questions before calling the professionals to save time and money. First, do you have enemies or someone who could gain from obtaining sensitive information? If you are a corporate leader or politician, the answer is almost always yes. Second, have you noticed any of the previously listed signs of surveillance attempts? Finally, if someone is reaching out to you or you have found a bug, we highly recommend contacting counter-surveillance professionals. While threats are not always valid and suspicions can be misleading, surveillance efforts can have dramatic effects on individuals and businesses. Our experts will work with you to secure communications, remove bugs and spyware, and bring the surveilling parties to justice. To summarize, if you feel like a bug sweep is necessary to secure your home, office, or vehicle, it’s best to let experienced TSCM professionals conduct it. Our trained professionals ensure safety for the client and effective results that can be used as admissible evidence in court.

In today’s age, digital evidence is used in a substantial percentage of trials. Many think of their social media accounts as a safe place to say and do what they please, but that is rarely the case in 2023. Everything said, posted, or searched can be used as evidence if the situation arises, and many individuals forget what happened online. When collected by a digital forensics expert, social media evidence is viable in civil and legal cases, providing valuable insights into a situation. Posts, search records, and even conversations from an individual's account can be held against them in court so long as the evidence is obtained ethically. Working with a private investigator that is equipped to report findings as court-admissible evidence is imperative to an investigation because the information could be disregarded otherwise.

A bug sweep service is beneficial on various occasions to enhance corporate, government, and private security. By deploying a bug sweep, you can rest assured that communications are private and there is no intrusion present. Our services provide peace of mind and resolution for attempted surveillance, from family members chasing an inheritance to competitors infiltrating conference rooms on dire occasions. CSCT performs residential bug sweeps, vehicle counter-surveillance, and workplace bug sweeping services based on necessity, providing maximum coverage and security. After a complete TSCM survey, our experts will take the necessary actions to bring your attacker to justice.

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